W20 Handover meeting

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We officially held the handover of the W20, G20s engagement group, received leadership from India, and we are ready to embrace the enormous responsibility of continuing the inspiring work done by amazing women from the countries of G20 since 2015.

Our commitment is to deepen efforts towards a fairer and more inclusive world, where womens potential becomes true power.

The Brazilian delegation, composed of Ana Fontes (chair), Maria Rita Spina Bueno, Adriana Carvalho, (head) Adriana Rodrigues, Camila Fernandez Achutti, Janaina NL. Gama, MSc, (cohead) Junia Nogueira de , Kamila Camilo and Maria Jose Tonelli, is full of energy, ready to embark on a year of dialogue and building meaningful recommendations.

We will work tirelessly to draft a Communiqué that will be delivered to the G20 president and the leaders of the worlds 20 most powerful countries. This is an invitation for everyone to join us on this unique journey!

Throughout the year, we will conduct five national dialogues to listen to and understand the demands of all Brazilian women. In addition, we will have an international trail involving the delegates and a great international event, the #summitW20. We are ready to make a difference and we count on your participation in this important path of construction and empowerment. Lets build a more egalitarian and representative future together!

Our five themes of working Group:

  • Women entrepreneurs: access to finance, capital and market.
  • Women in STEM
  • Care Economy
  • Tackling violence against women
  • Climate justice

At the end of this process, catalyzed by the working groups, a commission will analyze the contributions and prepare a consensual summary of each axis in a final document, the Communiqué. It will be delivered to President Lula so that our recommendations, in favor of gender equality, can be included in the final declaration of the G20.

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